Scarecrow Madness takes place during the fall (October) in Johnson County, Indiana. The idea came from Chester, New Hampshire, where there are over 1,000 scarecrows!  You buy a scarecrow face and wooden stake. Once you have purchased your scarecrow or multiple scarecrows,  take it home and let your imagination run wild! After being decorated, you need to POST your scarecrow to the Scarecrow Madness Facebook page with your display name and display address to be added to the interactive map on this website.  The map shows the location of each scarecrow display! People can drive around and look at the many scarecrows and our amazing county.  You will also be added to our contest to win prizes for the best of Residential, Business and Non-Profit/Church/School/Fire-Police/Club different categories.  And BEST OF SHOW!!

In the first year, there were 138 Scarecrows sold. In 2020, there were 176 Scarecrows sold! Together, that's 314 Scarecrows so far! 

In 2021, we will have MULTIPLE locations all over the county to pick up and pay for your Scarecrow and pole!  the price will still be $25.00 @.

(A custom painted face will be an increased price to be determined.)

One of our main benefactors of next years fundraiser will be:

Johnson County Senior Services


 new location!

36 West 600 North, Whiteland, IN 46164

Dedicated to Maintaining the Independence & Dignity of Johnson County Seniors

Our Mission:

Johnson County Senior Services is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide free, essential services that will enhance the quality of life for older adults by:

*  Helping older adults live with dignity.

*  Helping older adults maintain their independence.

*  Helping older adults remain at home as long as possible.

* Helping older adults avoid or lessen isolation and loneliness.

Same number:


Tracy Road-Across from Break O'Day Elementary