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Scarecrow Madness


Tri Kappa is the only philanthropic organization that exists solely within the boundaries of Indiana. Since 1901, Tri Kappa members have donated untold hours & millions of dollars to under-funded, under-staffed charities & non-profits so they can spread their limited resources even further.

Whatever the task may be, you can count on Tri Kappa to help lead the way to improve the lives of others and our communities. There are almost 8,000 members in Indiana, representing over 231 chapters throughout our state.

Greenwood Delta Lambda Chapter was founded in 1930 and each year donates $10,000-20,000 to charities, non-profits, scholarships, schools, Riley Hospital for Children, Ronald McDonald House and much more.

Won't you continue the Scarecrow Madness fun event and help us raise funds for needy groups in our community?

How to Order

Contact Jeanie Cole: or 317-809-7774 
or contact any Tri Kappa member for purchase and delivery!  

Sale date of the Scarecrow Kits at the Greenwood Farmers Market
Sept. 16, 2023


For questions or concerns, please contact

Jeanie Cole

Founder of Scarecrow Madness Johnson Co.

(317) 809-7774

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