Grand Champion-3rd year!

Carpenter Realtors-Franklin

"Monster Mash"

carp 2.jpg
carp 4.jpg
Carp 5.jpg
carp 1.jpg

1st Place in Non-Profit Division for the 3rd year!
"Cycling Clowns"

Cycling Clowns 5.jpg
Cycling clowns 1.jpg
Cycling Clowns 2.jpg
Cycling Clowns 2.jpg

1st Place Residential 

"OOGIE BOOGIE KIDNAPS SANTA!" Melanie Shiflet, Franklin  

Halloween Town rescue.jpg
Halloween town 4.jpg
Halloween town 3.jpg
Halloween town 5.jpg

1st Place Business Category is a TIE!!!
Tom's Barbershop, Greenwood
Teachers Credit Union, Franklin


Barbershop Quartet recreation
of Norman Rockwell painting-
tied for 2nd Place
Business Division 
Tom's Barbershop, Greenwood; Jeff Davis

Books Carrie you away!.JPG